2021 Schedule of Events

Ricky Weiss competes with the World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Models (#WoOLMS) tour. The team also competes in major dirt late model events that doesn’t conflict with #WoOLMS dates.

Jan 14Volusia Speedway ParkBarberville, FL7th
Jan 15Volusia Speedway ParkBarberville, FLRAIN
Jan 16Volusia Speedway ParkBarberville, FL4th
Feb 8Volusia Speedway ParkBarberville, FL5th (B-Main)
Feb 9Volusia Speedway ParkBarberville, FL8th
Feb 10Volusia Speedway ParkBarberville, FL9th
Feb 11Volusia Speedway ParkBarberville, FL7th
Feb 12Volusia Speedway ParkBarberville, FLDNF
Feb 13Volusia Speedway ParkBarberville, FLRAIN
Mar 5Duck River Raceway ParkWheel, TNRAIN
Mar 6Smoky Mountain SpeedwayMaryville, TN17th
Mar 26Cherokee SpeedwayGaffney, SC16th
Mar 27Cherokee SpeedwayGaffney, SCPPD
Apr 2Farmer City RacewayFarmer City, IL22nd
Apr 3 Farmer City RacewayFarmer City, IL17th
Apr 9Bristol Motor SpeedwayBristol, TN16th
Apr 10Bristol Motor SpeedwayBristol, TN2nd
Apr 17Smoky Mountain SpeedwayMaryville, TN2nd
Apr 23Richmond RacewayRichmond, KY4th
Apr 24Brushcreek Motorsports ComplexPeebles, OHRAIN
Apr 30 Boone SpeedwayBoone, IA20th
April 30Boone SpeedwayBoone, IA10th
May 1 Boone SpeedwayBoone, IA5th
May 7Mississippi Thunder SpeedwayFountain City, WI14th
May 8Mississippi Thunder SpeedwayFountain City, WI14th
May 21Port Royal SpeedwayPort Royal, PA7th
May 22Port Royal SpeedwayPort Royal, PA12th
May 30Eldora SpeedwayRossburg, OH2nd
May 31411 Motor SpeedwaySeymour, TN7th
Jun 4Circle City RacewayIndianapolis, IN14th
Jun 5Plymouth SpeedwayPlymouth, IN10th
Jun 9Eldora SpeedwayRossburg, OH4th
Jun 10Eldora SpeedwayRossburg, OH12th
Jun 11Eldora SpeedwayRossburg, OHDNF
Jun 12Eldora SpeedwayRossburg, OHDNF
Jun 17Stateline SpeedwayBusti, NY12th
Jun 18Thunder Mtn. SpeedwayKnoxdale, PARAIN
Jun 19Selinsgrove SpeedwaySelinsgrove, PARAIN
Jun 24Lernerville SpeedwaySarver, PA17th
Jun 25Lernerville SpeedwaySarver, PA8th
Jun 26Lernerville SpeedwaySarver, PA14th
Jul 9Jackson MotorplexJackson, MN11th
Jul 10Jackson MotorplexJackson, MN6th
Jul 13Gondik Law SpeedwaySuperior, WI9th
Jul 16 River Cities SpeedwayGrand Forks, ND9th
Jul 17I-94 Sure Step SpeedwayFergus Falls, MN8th
Jul 18Red Cedar SpeedwayMenomonie, WI5th
Jul 20I-80 SpeedwayGreenwood, NE9th
Jul 21I-80 SpeedwayGreenwood, NE2nd
Jul 22I-80 SpeedwayGreenwood, NE6th
Jul 23-24I-80 SpeedwayGreenwood, NE12th
Jul 27Davenport SpeedwayDavenport, IA6th
Jul 30 Fairbury SpeedwayFairbury, IL7th
Jul 31Fairbury SpeedwayFairbury, IL19th
Aug 3Outagamie SpeedwaySeymour, WI9th
Aug 6Cedar Lake SpeedwayNew Richmond, WI20th
Aug 6-7Cedar Lake SpeedwayNew Richmond, WI13th
Aug 19Orange County Fair SpeedwayMiddletown, NY15th
Aug 20Williams Grove SpeedwayMechanicsburg, PA7th
Aug 21Sharon SpeedwayHartford, OH7th
Aug 22Eriez SpeedwayErie, PA13th
Aug 26 Davenport SpeedwayDavenport, IA13th
Aug 27Davenport SpeedwayDavenport, IA13th
Aug 28Davenport SpeedwayDavenport, IA7th
Sep 2Cherokee SpeedwayGaffney, SC13th
Sep 3Lavonia SpeedwayLavonia, GA8th
Sep 4 Volunteer SpeedwayBulls Gap, TN10th
Sep 8Eldora SpeedwayRossburg, OH15th
Sep 9Eldora SpeedwayRossburg, OHDNS
Sep 10Eldora SpeedwayRossburg, OH7th
Sep 11Eldora SpeedwayRossburg, OHDNF
Sep 16Knoxville RacewayKnoxville, IA4th
Sep 17Knoxville RacewayKnoxville, IADNS
Sep 18Knoxville RacewayKnoxville, IA3rd
Sep 25Smoky Mountain SpeedwayMaryville, TNDNF
Oct 1 Cherokee SpeedwayGaffney, SC17th
Oct 2 Senoia RacewaySenoia, GA5th
Oct 8-9Richmond RacewayRichmond, KY6th
Oct 12411 Motor SpeedwaySeymour, TN8th
Oct 20Volunteer SpeedwayBulls Gap, TN3rd
Oct 23Senoia RacewaySenoia, GA3rd
Nov 5Dirt Track at CharlotteConcord, NC5th
Nov 6Dirt Track at CharlotteConcord, NC9th
Nov 12Senoia RacewaySenoia, GA10th
Nov 13Senoia RacewaySenoia, GA8th